What are the fragrance's applications ? 

Now that we know what is a fragrance, let's explore its applications.

The fragrances apply in the followings:

  • Perfumery (parfum, eau de parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, splash)
  • Cosmetics (cream, milk, soap, shower gel, shaving foam, massage oils, ...)
  • Baby Care (talk, cream, ...)
  • Detergent (Laundry, softer, cleaners)

Each application involves constraints for the fragrance. For instance, avoid using allergens components for abay cre related fragrance or, select the appropriate raw materials to have a white smokefor the candles, ...

Based on their knowledge of the raw materials, the  Aquilegia's  perfumers can belnd very gorgeous fragrances apdapted to you application.