Aquilegia Fragrances,
a Concentrate of Inspiration !

In a world of fragrant competition, Grasse's storied expertise in perfume cultivation and production, upheld by companies like Aquilegia Fragrances, faces the challenge of preserving its legacy while embracing innovation and global collaboration.

Due to its history, with companies that work in symbiosis, Grasse has been able to develop real know-how in the cultivation of perfume plants, the extraction of essential oils, of absolutes and concretes, but also in the field of composition of perfumes, transport, regulations, machines, ...

Aquilegia Fragrances generates 100% of its turnover from export. Through contacts, international fairs, ..., we have noted that even if this know-how has been registered in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, the perfumery sector in Grasse faces competition from other countries: Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Spain, England and more recently, Turkey, China, India.

If we want to continue to radiate in this sector, we must, each at our own level, promote and improve constantly this know-how. Through the Grasse label Expertise, Aquilegia Fragrances wants to participate in this effort, and, at its level, stimulate the dynamics of attractiveness of Grasse.